A robot named "General Grivious"


Minimal Invasive Surgery has several advantages

  • Less scars and even no scar at all if we use 3 mm instruments

  • Because we don’t open the muscles there is also much less pain


But there are several other, more invisible, benefits

  • Less adhesions: when we operate in the abdomen we enter some microscopic foreign elements inside (elements present on pur gloves, on the retractors,…) That may create adhesion and bowel occlusion. In Minimal Invasive Surgery this risk is clearly decreased.

  • Less infection sand abcesses (because ther is no real wound)

  • Less trauma in general and so less post-operative “inflammation”


Minimal Invasive Surgery is the way to go actually in case it’s possible.  However there are two disadvantages: the surgeon is looking to a screen and loses the natural 3D vision and movements of instruments are fare not as numerous than what a wrist and fingers can do!

That’s why the robot was developed. In the console you have a 3D system and field depth is not a problem anymore; more instruments are articulated inside the abdomen and gives, by the way, some more agility to surgeons hands.

And finally the surgeon seats comfortably  what is again beneficial for our little patients in particular in long operations.
Do you know how nurses decided to name our robot?  GENERAL GRIVIOUS. Good idea isn’t it?

There are several other advantages of the robot. More about that in a next letter.